Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to know before you meet with your florist

My love and I had our first appointment with a florist today, and I think we might have found our florist.  The lady was friendly and my love actually participated in the planning process. (I was so proud of him. Men are notorious for refusing to participate in wedding planning, aren't they?) She even had one bouquet in her portfolio that looked a great deal like the one I'd had in mind.

To prepare for our visit to the florist, I looked at a good many bouquets online. I saved all of the ones I liked to a folder and then looked for similarities. I liked feathers, flowers that are apparently white anemones, wrapped bouquets with a round shape and I liked the idea of fastening a vintage broach to the bouquet wrap. Consulting with the groom-to-be revealed that he was partial to orchids as well. I also liked the idea of using either feathers or velvet millinery leaves in the boutonnieres and corsages.

I am glad I did a bit of homework before I went into the florist's shop. It made it easier to have a conversation about what I wanted, and I, for the most part, knew how to answer he questions. I brought notes with me in case I forgot something.

This is a list of things I considered (and should have considered) before going to speak with the florist. I've based it on what I researched ahead of time, as well as the sort of questions she asked.

Colors- It is a good idea to be fairly certain about your wedding colors, if you are choosing to have them. If you are not having set wedding colors, it might be wise to pick out specific flowers that you want to incorporate into your arrangements.

Bouquet shape- Hand tied bouquets seem to be very popular right now, but there are many different options available. You may choose an old fashioned tussie mussie in a silver holder for an historical or historically influenced wedding, or you may opt for a dramatic cascading bouquet.

Wedding style- Forced to describe my wedding on the spot, I said that it was “vintage and quirky.” I hadn't really thought of how to explain it briefly in a conversational setting, but, luckily, I picked a description I think suited it quite well.

Numbers- I wrote down a list of people who needed things like corsages and boutonnieres beforehand. This was a good thing, because I am horrible at keeping track of numbers and would likely have forgotten someone.

Anything unusual- I nearly forgot to ask about making a hair ornament for me, but luckily I'd written it down on my list, and that helped me remember.

The officiant- If the officiant is wearing something other than clerical robes, it might be appropriate to purchase a boutonniere or corsage.

Rules- Ceremony sites may have rules that affect your choice in flowers. Our ceremony site, for instance, does not allow glass containers or thrown flower petals. It may be a good idea to consult your contract to see what is permitted before speaking with the florist.

The ceremony space- While our ceremony space is likely to be decorated minimally with vintage and homemade objects, many brides might want to consider what arrangements the florist can contribute. Arches, chuppahs decorated with flowers, or altar flowers are all things that might be appropriate for your ceremony space.

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