Saturday, February 26, 2011

birdies for the wedding

I've been playing with some different crafts projects for the wedding.  I want to give it a playful, vintage, steampunky, anthropologie-esque feel all at once.  I've completed a few things, like some little nested birds and a wreath.  (I may revisit the wreath later, though.  I'm not sure it's perfect.)

I made these little guys with some mushroom birds I ordered off of the Create for Less website and some nests I bought at my local craft store.  I used some silk flowers and other new and vintage items I had around, some of which were from other craft projects.  The items the birds have nested on are all vintage, thrifted items, and the wooden one is a candlestick I painted with matte black paint to match the wedding theme.  I'm attempting to use as much of my crafting stash as I can and to buy vintage items and repurpose them as well.

The doilies in the picture might end up dyed black.  It was my original intention to dye all of them black.  I think because I'm using mismatched vintage items it's a good idea to keep the colors simple and consistent.  (Also, the lace on my gown is black.)  However, I'm now reconsidering having such a simplified theme and might do different tables with different themes.

I originally didn't intend to use books, either, but as I was playing with my items, I found they worked pretty well with them.  I have some that aren't as old and valuable as these, but are still suitably vintage and cute and I am considering doing the long tables with varied themes.

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