Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book reviews: Dover clip art

I intend to make a lot of my wedding printed matter and have hunted around for some nice, old fashioned images to incorporate into it. While my collection of Victorian paper ephemera has proven handy, the ease of Dover book and CD sets encouraged me to invest in a few of them.
This book and CD set from Dover's more expensive Pictura collection has a wonderful array of images, many in warm, earthy tones or soft pastels. There lovely full page pictures, but the frames, boarders, and small designs included in the book are also lovely and quite appropriate for wedding materials. In keeping with the Art Nouveau theme, many of the images are inspired by nature. Fanciful flower forms, birds and other elegant natural images would make this collection useful for someone with nature themed, outdoors wedding, as well as a bride with a love for this turn of the century style.

This black and white collection includes boarders, variously shaped frames, corner ornaments and a good many small pictures that might be of use in wedding materials. Specifically wedding themed images include a turn of the century bride and groom, wedding rings intertwined with a rose, and several vintage images of Cupid. This is a wonderful general resource for people who want old fashioned black and white images for their wedding and I intend to make extensive use of it. (I've already incorporated some of the images into my wedding program design.)

Friday, November 5, 2010


I intend to marry next July in a vintage inspired wedding in Colorado.  This blog will detail my little wedding adventures to anyone who might find them interesting or useful.

Thus far I have picked the gown and begun to gather vintage pretties for use in decorating.  I still have a lot to do, and picking a venue is next on my list.